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Shipping and payment

Shipping method and order lead time

Goods are only shipped within the European Union & USA. 

If the Customer uses an online payment method (Stripe.com), the order processing commences after Wooba’s account is confirmed to have been credited
(by Stripe.com).

If the selected products are unavailable, and the Customer has chosen shipment to a specified address, the shipping time is 5 to 7 working days in Romania, 14 – 20 days in Europe, 20-30 days in USA, following successful order placement. The shipping time can be longer during clearance sales or special campaigns.

PLEASE NOTE: The order will be processed after the account of Wooba or the intermediary entities is credited with 100% of the amount due for the order, and this is when the time limit for shipping the products to the Customer starts to run.

Orders are delivered by a courier service chosen by WOOBA.

Order payment methods

The payment operation takes place between the Customer and the selected payment operator by Wooba. 

Wooba does not accept traditional transfers, so the Customer will not receive any account number to which they can transfer the money e.g. at a post office.

Payment card: The Customer must have a card that allows them to make online payments. Payment by card is made through Stripe.com. The payment operation is made between the Customer and the operator of the Customer’s card.

Please note! The Online Shop will never send the Customer a notice stating that the account for the payment has changed and that a traditional transfer needs to be made. If the Customer receives such an e-mail – they should not make the payment or respond to the e-mail, but forward the e-mail in an unchanged form to Wooba to contact@wooba.ro.

Shipping cost

Goods are shipped within the European Union and USA.

Wooba Deco SRL offers its customers FREE DELIVERY IN ROMANIA FOR ALL CONTRACTS IN THE VALUE OF OVER 500 RON. If the value of the order does not exceed this value, the delivery costs will be included in the price, as follows: Fan Courier: 25 RON

The delivery fee on the territory of the European Union (except Romania) and the United States is calculated automatically upon completion of the delivery address.

Our orders are also delivered through the LOGYSTEC logistics management service. 

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